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Admissions for 2017/2018 Academic Year are now open. Thursday, 15 June - Report Cards Issued (08:00-12:00hrs).

Azzan Bin Qais International School offers a bilingual curriculum which is a hybrid between the National curriculum of England and the Ministry of Education of The Sultanate of Oman. At KS 3, emphasis is given to three core subjects English, Mathematics and Science based on the specifications of the English National Curriculum. The rest of the subjects which include Arabic, Islamic Studies, Art, PE and Music are based on a blend between English and Omani curriculums.

The secondary section comprises three Key Stages; Key Stage 3 (Grades 7 and 8), Key Stage 4 (IGCSE – Grades 9 and 10) and Key Stage 5 (AS and A2). As a way of improving on the implementation of the NC, the school recently appointed experienced coordinators for each of the Key Stages. While the main task for the coordinators is to take a lead on academic standards, we also employ Dean Counsellors to help students with their social and personal needs, and to manage day to day behavioral issues.

IGCSEs are international exams taken at the end of KS4. The suite of subjects we offer has slowly been expanding: in response to requests from parents, we are now offering IGCSE Art to complement the science side of the curriculum. The school will for the first time enter students for the CIE Check Point examination at the end of KS 3. This should help the school benchmark its performance internationally and also assist in our own internal quality assurance processes. In all we offer nine IGCSE subjects: Arabic, English Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Physics, ICT, Geography and ART.

At KS 5, the school offers two pathways; General Diploma of Education offered by the MOE of Oman and AS and A2 levels based on the English NC. The school has performed commendably well in all three examinations. The majority of our graduates (Omani nationals) have secured government scholarships after successfully completing A2 and/or GED programs.

The recent appointment of an experienced Career Counsellor is a major step in guiding our students to make informed choices for after school. With vast experience on how UCAS works, and of university life in the UK, ABQIS students will greatly benefit from the services the Career Counsellor will offer.