The price of greatness is responsibility
Winston S. Churchill

We would like to wish our Grade 12 students the best of luck in their upcoming exams. أجمل الأمنيات لطلاب الصف 12 في امتحاناتهم الفصلية

ABQIS primary school is a bilingual international school and caters for students who are competent English speakers that can understand and cope well with subject instruction in English, these subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, PE, ICT and Music. Arabic, Islamic studies and Social Studies are offered in Arabic. Non Arabic and non-Muslim students do Arabic for foreigners, Extra Art and Geography in English.

As associate member of the BSME we are following the British National Curriculumcontent. Teaching and learning is benchmarked by our registration at CIE(Cambridge International Exams)where we follow the International Primary Program (IPP).

The IPP requires from member schools to follow the prescribed curricula and there are many opportunities for member schools to have access to teacher training, student academic level assessments and theCheckpoint primary exams that can be compared with the IGCSE exams for secondary.

Teaching and assessment is conducted under supervision of these governing bodies and ABQIS is therefore committed to a high standard of world class education.

For more information on Cambridge, please follow the link: