We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started
Henry Ward Beecher

We ask all our students, parents and teachers to remain safe during the rainy weather and not to take unneccessary risks.

ABQIS teachers always encourage and guide students to discover their talent, ability and to be creative. We always wish to introduce new skills to our students .Teachers collaborate and works across the after school activity programme to inspire and develop student's skills and help them to reach their potential in different areas. ABQIS gives students the opportunity to choose two different activities in order to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, and leadership skills. Activities are held each Monday and Wednesday from 2:40 to 3:30pm. We offer a variety activities each term for students in grades 1-12

This year’s offerings all fun include:

    Sport and Fitness: Cricket ,volleyball ,swimming G&B, Table tennis, football, karate, Hockey, Badminton , little people sport
  1. Music: Choir and Piano & Violin lessons.
  2. Art: art blaster, art craft, origami, Photography, Make-up artist ,Drama & Acting
  3. Language: Beginners French, reading club, Pen Pals, spelling Bee, IELTS preparation, English debating club, English reading club, Arabic hand writing.
  4. Intellectual Development: Chess, Sudoku, Scrabble.
  5. Others: cookery( Arabic sweets),tailoring, Macrome , IT club, girls club, Quran recitation, Plastic recycling.

Education outside the classroom

In our school we believe that a balanced education requires exposure to out-of-the-classroom experiences, in a safe and controlled environment. From this basis we organize two trips in each semester, one is bonding social trip that takes place at weekends and one curriculum related outing during normal school day to add value to the educational experiences of ABQ students. For this year we have variety choices of destination for each grade.

Curriculum related trips Weekend team bonding trips
ROP Aviation Teddy bear picnic at Riyam park
Borders Barka Zoo
Sultan Qaboos Stables Movies
Café Ceramic Boat Trip
Orphanage Movies
Plant shop Bowling
Planetarium Ice – Skating
Nabil Biscuit Factory/Pepsi factory / Garment factory Dolphin watching
Bait Al Zubair 4D Movies
National Hospitality Institute Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) Restaurants
Business Organization Oman Breakfast At Mall
Qurum Amphitheatre/ Royal Opera House Food courts

International trips

ABQIS also organizes variety of international trips that take place throughout the school year. Trips include our annual ski trip in Switzerland, Omra trip, Community Services Projects through World Challenge, Annual Model United Nations Conference in Qatar, as well as a variety of overseas sporting trips.

Sport trips

International sports trips give students the opportunity to participate in international tournaments representing the school individually or in teams, usually instructed by PE teachers.

  1. Mediterranean cup for international schools –Football in Verona Italy
  2. Netball in Bahrain
  3. Basketball in Bahrain
  4. Football in Dubai
  5. Track & Field in Jordan
  6. Swimming in Dubai

General school Activities

There are many activity and events that organized for the whole school like : Charity day , international teachers day, national day, just jeans day, polar bear swim, sport day, fancy dress/costume day and book week .